Request a Financial Navigator Service

Having financial issues?  Apply for this free program to help you navigate critical financial issues.


Step 1.What Is Financial Navigator

A program to help you navigate critical financial issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. You will receive help over the phone to access available programs and services. Financial Navigators help residents one-on-one to triage personal financial issues, identify immediate action steps to manage expenses and maximize income, and make referrals to other services such as meeting daily living expenses, maximizing income, managing debt, budgeting and avoiding predatory scams.

Step 2.Who Is Providing Assistance

  • Cities for Financial Empowerment
  • Housing and Credit Counseling Inc

 Financial Navigators initiative is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Citi Foundation, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and the Wells Fargo Foundation.

Step 3.How Do I Request Assistance

Residents can access these remote services by completing the web form or calling (785) 670-5900 to sign up. The financial navigator will then send a short service agreement and call the client to begin their personal session. Organizations across Topeka can also refer clients directly to a financial navigator. All Financial Navigators are local to Topeka - note that the call will come from the following phone number (785) 670-5900. Do not mark as Spam. If you need assistance filling out this form, please call 785-670-5900, Mon-Fri

Step 4.What Happens In A Financial Navigation Session

The session will last approximately 30 minutes. Navigators can help you prioritize financial concerns, identify immediate action steps, and make referrals to programs and services. During the call Navigators can help with:
  • Prioritizing daily living expenses, like housing, food, and insurance
  • Maximizing income, by sharing referrals that offer benefit eligibility services, emergency cash assistance, and emergency loans
  • Managing debt, from credit cards to student loans to child support
  • Avoiding predatory scams
  • Accessing other social services
  • Budgeting for future loss of income


Step 5.Apply For Assistance

Request Assistance

Step 6.Thank You

A Financial Navigator will call you as soon as possible.