Apply for a Monitored Fire Alarm Permit

 Request to monitor commercial fire alarm



Step 1.False Alarm Reduction Ordinance

The goal is to reduce the number of false alarms so emergency personnel is free to respond to real emergencies. Systems reporting excessive false alarms are assessed a fee. The False Alarm Response fee is based on the number of times the Topeka Fire Department responses to an automatic alarm when no emergency exists.

Alarm systems that report over 10 false alarms within a calendar year are designated a nuisance system. Nuisance systems will require more maintenance and testing to ensure to the system is operating correctly, or if design modifications are necessary.


Step 2.What Is A Fire Alarm Permit

To reduce the number of false alarms in the City of Topeka, all monitored commercial fire alarms are required to get an operational permit before the monitored system can be used. This permitting will insure that all monitored fire alarm systems are being maintained in proper working order.

Once issued, the permit will need annual renewal. To get the initial or renewal permit, an application must be received and approved by the Fire Prevention Division of the Topeka Fire Department. A copy of the current testing and maintenance records of the alarm system and all fire protection systems that are monitored by the alarms system are required to be submitted with the completed application.


Step 3.False Alarm Violation Fees

All fees are per occurrence.

  • 0-3: No charge
  • 4-10: $50
  • 11-20: $100
  • 21-30: $150
  • 31-50: $200
  • 51 or more: $500

Step 4.Request Monitored Fire Alarm Permit

Request Permit

Step 5.Thank You

Thank you for submitting an application.  The Fire Department will contact  you.