Register for Special Assistance in Fire Emergencies

Do you need Special Assistance in Fire Emergencies (SAFE)? This is a Topeka Fire Department Program designed to identify and assist citizens requiring special assistance in an emergency incident.

Program Beneficiaries

Who benefits from this program:

  • Senior citizens with mobility issues (Not intended for individuals living in assisted living facilities or nursing homes)
  • People with vision, hearing or other impairments
  • People who are confined to a bed or wheelchair or have other physical disabilities
  • Anyone who feels that in the event of an emergency self-evacuation would not be possible
How The Program Works

Once all the information is gathered and processed, it will be added to the 911 dispatch center database. This information will then be accessed by the Topeka Fire Department personnel in the event of an emergency incident such as:

  • A 911 call is initiated
  • The Topeka Fire Department is notified and responds to the call
  • The dispatcher will be alerted that the address is flagged as a SAFE address
  • Specific information gathered during the registration process will be relayed to responding companies
  • When Crews arrive they will have additional information to better respond to the emergency situation 
How Long Can I Stay in the Program?

If you want to stay within the program you will need to renew annually.

 Fire Safety Depends On You

The first line of defense in a fire is to have a plan to safely self-evacuate.

  • Install smoke alarms
  • Place your sleeping area next to an exit
  • Plan your escape routes
  • Work with caregiver to plan and practice safe evacuation
What Do I need For The Application?
  • Type of disability
  • Primary sleeping area i.e. second floor southeast corner

Apply for the SAFE Program today!

Administration contact information

324 SE Jefferson St
Topeka, KS 66607
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