Vacant Property Registration

The vacant property registration is to help address the deterioration, crime, and decline in property values.

What is Vacant Property Registration

In November 2019 the City of Topeka established an ordinance to require the registration of vacant properties.

Topeka Municipal Code

Why should I register

The registration of vacant properties is to help address the deterioration, crime and decline in property values in Topeka by identifying, regulating and working to limit and reduce the number of vacant properties in the community.

What is the process
  • The Property Maintenance Unit office will send out a notice to owners of properties that have been determined to be vacant for more than 180 days
  • Complete the Vacant Property Registration
How do I dispute vacant property

If an owner wishes to dispute whether his or her property is vacant, the owner can do so by clicking on the dispute button below.  Property Maintenance staff will review the dispute, make a determination whether the property falls within the purview of the ordinance, and will notify the property owner. We apologize for any alarm or inconvenience this may have caused and, again, encourage those who received a letter and wish to file a dispute to follow the process outlined above.

If the property owner has questions concerning the City’s determination, the owner can contact Property Maintenance staff by calling them at 785-368-3161.

File a Vacant Property Dispute

Property Maintenance contact information

620 SE Madison
Topeka, KS 66607
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Phone: (785)368-3161