Topeka Fire Department Records Request Form

Requesting permit for open burning. This is the application. The actual permit will be issued at a later date when the review is completed. An annual burning permit is required for any open burning within the City of Topeka.




Step 1.What types of reports/records can I request?

Incident Report/NFIRS.

Standard incident reports for fire calls and first responder calls.

Patient Report.

Please be advised that requests for patient reports will not be provided without written authorization from the person involved or by subpoena. The request and report will be forwarded to Legal for review.

Fire Investigation Report.

If determination is Accidental or Undetermined, the report may be available under the Kansas Open Records Act. If ruled Incendiary, it is only available to insurance companies pursuant to the Kansas Arson Reporting Immunity Act; Arson Immunity Letter must be submitted with request if applicable.(Fees may vary depending on length of report and other supporting documents). 

Environmental Impact/File Review Summary.

The Fire Department does not maintain hazardous material storage records as this is the responsibility of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. A review of the property file maintained by the TFD will provide inspection information and summary of the file contents

Step 2.When are the fees due?

Fees are for each address requested and are due in full prior to receipt of documentation. Please contact Business Services at (785) 368-0111 to make payment arrangements. Postage fees may apply if records are mailed. Requests for any other records besides those listed here should be made on a City of Topeka standard KORA request form and submitted to the City Clerk.

Request Report/Record

Step 3.Thank you

Thank you for submitting your request.  The Fire Department will be in contact with you.