Request New Water Service

Request water and wastewater service.



Step 1.What Services Can I Request

Topeka Customer Service Utility Accounts include City of Topeka utilities (water, stormwater and sanitary sewer), Sherwood Wastewater District and Shawnee County Refuse (if elected). The services specific to your account will be determined by the water and wastewater utilities servicing your location and by selection of Shawnee County Refuse or a private refuse hauler.

Step 2.Open New Account

You can now request service using an online application.  If you require same day service, please call our Customer Service Center Monday-Friday from 7am-6pm or visit our walk in center at 620 SE Madison Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. Please note, there is an additional fee for same day service.

Step 3.What Information Do I Need

Customers opening a new account will be required to provide the following:

  • Service Address and Billing Address (if different)
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Social Security Number
  • Birth Date
  • Driver’s License Number

Step 4. Other Information You Need To Know

Someone 18 or older must be present when your water service is turned on or as a courtesy and convenience to our customers, we offer a Water Service Turn On Release Agreement (not available during winter months). Signing a Release Agreement, releases the City of all liability for damage caused by running water. A completed Water Service Turn On Release Agreement may be faxed to 785-368-3825 or submitted in person at the City Express Payment Center in the Cyrus K. Holliday Building lobby at 620 S.E. Madison St. M-F 8AM-5PM.

Step 5.Apply For Services

Submit Request 

Step 6.Thank You

 Thank you for submitting your request.  The Water department will be in contact with you.